Counselling & Psychotherapy

Welcome to Healthy Minds Counselling

Counselling is a relationship that helps to identify and develop the changes we all sometimes need to get our life back on track. We may need this after a traumatic or hurtful experience or maybe to just clarify some pressing issues in our life. Counselling takes place in a private and confidential setting that is non-judgemental, to explore any difficulty the person is having, distress they may be experiencing or simply a loss of direction and purpose. Counselling is a way of re-evaluating your current situation, reducing confusion and learning new ways to become aware and effectively deal with our problems.

Is Counselling for you?

We all have times in our life when we could use a little help and clarification, this is NOT a sign of weakness. If you have a physical health problem the first thing you do is get a consultation, right? So why treat your mental health any differently?

There is a misconception that people who attend a therapist cannot cope, this is simply not true. People who engage in therapy develop a strong sense of self-awareness which results in a more fulfilled experience of their lives.

Making the choice to see a therapist is courageous and an act of personal empowerment. Whether you need just a few sessions to deal with an immediate problem or would like to work long-term on a deeper issue, help is here for you right now so contact Healthy Minds Counselling at the link below today.


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